Our Advantages

Kaje Forex encourages its users to get to know the forex market with the understanding of investors’ customs and habits. Our experienced staff and experts aim to create trading conditions that will attract investors to the highest levels of profit taking into account all the details of the forex market. We can summarize some of the main advantages we offer to our investors as follows:

8 years of market experience

Since 2009, we have proved to our investors and financial authorities that our company which has been operating in the forex market,especially in Europe, has been a reliable broker brand. As a preference of investors, our efforts to protect future investors satisfaction, continue without compromising security and technology at all times.

Regional Partnerships

As Kaje Forex, we are expanding our business partnerships with major regional investments that are aware of the quality of service we have given. One of the most important reasons for Kaje Forex’s expansion in the industry is the technology network and the reliable services.The number of investors who want to represent Kaje Forex on the market is increasing day by day. Kaje Forex is represented in more than 100 countries which enables our customers to get service smoothly wherever they are in the world.

Wide Range of Financial Instruments

Kaje Forex provides over 100 financial instruments that investors can trade and manage. There are dozens of parities traded on the world, preciousmetals,commodities and CFD’s are just a few examples.

Investor Preference Trading Platforms

Kaje Forex offers its customers the access to use Meta Trader 4 platform, the most used and stable trading platform on the market. You can access and manage your investments by running this program at any time, on your computer, on your mobile phone or on your tablet. We keep our applications constantly updated in the direction of return from our investors.

4 main account types

Kaje Forex offers a wide range of account types that are suitable for the needs of its customers. Which are; Standard, Active Traders, ECN and EA robots. Detailed information about the account types can be found in the account types section

Instant Forex Analysis

Kaje forex in the Forex market has its own specialist staff who work continuously for you to shape your forex investments. Knowing that Forex market analysis and investments will not take place without up-to-date interpretations, Kaje Forex always deals with the world economy and developments instantaneously. Analyzes created by our experts are open for our valuable investors in the analysis section of our web site. It serves investors with video inspections, daily analyzes, forex signals and experts’ opinions in the fields.

Personal Consultant

With its customer-centric policy, Kaje forex prefers individual communication with every investor. The customer-centric approach is very useful for investors to have comprehensive information on time anywhere they want.

Cash Flow Assurance and Ease of Trading

Kaje Forex uses have its own security network to prevent customers from all the hitches that they will have, thanks to the technology infrastructure we developed. Wherever you are in the world, you can safely handle your monetary transactions using our electronic payment systems. Guaranteeing instant payments and money transfers without any hitches, Kaje Forex serves customers all over the world with the same standard and quality.

Reliable Brand

The main reason Kaje Forex is preferred by investors around the world is because it has a reliable and transparent institutional structure.Our company, has adopted the principles of technology, speed, security and conscious investment in customer service for years, by always supporting our investors and prioritizing our customer satisfaction and profitable investment .

Quick and practical start

Stepping into the market and managing your tradings with Kaje Forex is a simple process. You can complete your registration in minutes, either by phone assistance from us or by following the registration guidelines.

ECN technologies

With electronic communications network (ECN), Kaje Forex serves in a transparent trading environment, enabling investors to conduct and invest in the most efficient market conditions without any freeze, delay or price change in their transactions.

Ease of Operation with One Click

Kaje Forex provides the Meta Trader 4 platform to our traders on the Forex market and its moving to the next level with ease by using “One-Click Trading” . Our platform runs smoothly, without any interruption, allowing traders to manage every process without losing any time. This is one of the main reason investors choose us. In addition, it will optimize the opening and closing of positions and investors will profits only with one click.

5 Days 24 Hours Customer Service

Kaje Forex gives support to our investors, 5 days and 24 hours with the assitance from our expert team. Mobile or online support options are also available according to the customer’s request. With our support options, you can ask for help from our expert advisors. Kaje Forex will always be able to support you in your investments, as we are a customer oriented company.

Providing Data Security

Kaje Forex guarantees all proprietary information of its investors under its own brand in all steps of financial transaction. By Using prepared protocols for secure data transfer between client and server, Kaje Forex guarantees customer privacy and security.

Ease of Trading With Mobile Devices

Kaje Forex respond to investors’ specific needs with both Meta Trader 4 platform and our own applications. Targeting a market that can be reached online and anywhere, Kaje Forex has secured investor savings in this way.

Forex Training Programs

One of the most critical points in Forex market is that investor gets the necessary training and experience. Kaje Forex’s online training for investors will give you the opportunity to get to know the market better, as well as the ability to analyze all the technical and economic data you need in the market.

Leverage Ratio 1: 100

Kaje Forex allows customers to 1: 100 high leverage ratio in their investments. By evaluating your investments up to 100 times, you will be able to earn a high income with a lower investment amounts.

Facility of entering instant ordinance

Kaje Forex, is the opposite from conventional, we aim to protect our users through the data network, which they can always access in order to be able to enter orders instantly and protect their investments. This means that investors will trade with a platform that will never be interrupted.