Why Kaje Forex

Forex is the largest market in the world, with trading volume of $ 5.5 trillion a day. However, it is very difficult to make forecasts in this market and to follow the current data regularly. At this point we provide the most up-to-date data analysis with our applications, which offer the most suitable possibilities and help you determine the most profitable investments.

Company You Can Trust

Winning the trust of traders is the biggest value for Kaje Forex. We achieve this through transparency and by creating the best learning environment for our traders. They can gain the most advanced knowledge and experience, which are the two major keys to be successful in trading.

Reliable Customer Service

Kaje Forex is proud to have the best customer consulting team on the market, working 24/7 to ensure the best service for you. Thanks to the long experience of our team of traders and financial experts it will only take them few minutes to find the right solution for you. You can always contact us anytime with any issue on info@kajeforex.com.

Advanced Technology

We provide the most practical solutions for our investors by making applications with the latest technologies. Since we are in a common position with leading names in the market, we are raising profits by offering our users a first class infrastructure. With this infrastructure, you can quickly perform all your trades without interruption or delays.

Superior Trading and Analysis Platforms

The two most efficient applications on the market are MetaTrader 4 and Forex Mobile Analyze Pro. Kaje Forex allows traders to use both of these applications.

Flexible Conditions

Kaje Forex generates customized solutions, that is tailored to its customers’ preferences. It is our main goal to keep your interests on the frontline at all times and to help you with your problems and make your transactions in the most efficient way.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our Account Manager is available for each trader online or by phone 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday – Friday).

Professional Tools

Our team of expert consultants and analysts who works as a guide for you to make the most productive investments and to continuously solve any issues you might face. Our experts has developed applications and tools for analyzing data flow, risk management and simplifying your trades down to one click of a button.Thanks to this, even if the customers do not yet have experience in the forex market, they can make their investments profitable and learn on the way.

Wide Range of Financial Instruments

Kaje Forex provides a wide range of instruments for its users. For example, gold, silver, oil, natural gas from commodities, as well as stock market indexes and several parities are some of them. Beyond these, there are more of financial instruments that you can invest with just one click

Free Online Training

Kaje Forex offers special online training with a team of expert consultants. Our training contains seminars, one-to-one training, webinar training, and many video lessons for our client to understand more about the forex market.

Strong Investment Leadership

Our team of expert analyst, will always follow the market and work to make your investments more profitable wherever you are, according to the conditions. You can keep your investments without fear of the risks, thanks to our team that keeps track of the data flow, will instantly transferhe most up-to-date information to our traders 5 days a week for 24 hours.