Our Advantages

Kaje Forex major priority is to create and foster in-depth understanding of the forex market. Our experienced trading experts and consultants work to create outstanding trading conditions favourable for increasing the traders’ profits. This as well as many other advantages attract investors from all over the world to trade on the Kaje Forex platform

Regional Partnerships

Kaje Forex is constantly expanding business partnerships with major regional and international investors providing them with service quality and reliable technological environment. In fact, the number of investors representing Kaje Forex on the international scene is increasing every day accounting nowadays for representatives in over 400 countries, and thus, enabling customers to trade smoothly wherever they are in the world.

Wide Range of Financial Instruments

Kaje Forex provides a variety of financial instruments to trade - over 40 major currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, commodities and CFDs.

Advantageous Trading Platform

Kaje Forex clients are given access to the most used and reliable trading platform on the market. By trading,investors enjoy reliable and updated applications and can manage their funds anytime and anywhere from their pc, mobile phone or tablet.

Different Account Types

Kaje Forex offers 4 main types of account suitable for all traders’ needs: Standard, Active Traders, ECN and EA robots. Detailed information about the account types can be found in the account types section.

Instant Forex Analysis

The professional market analysts at Kaje Forex constantly monitor and analyse the continuous fluctuations and developments in the forex market. They interpret the market changes in a concise and comprehensive way to ease and guide the investment decisions of all traders. These valuable analyses are delivered in a prompt and instant manner in the Research section of the site and are available to the clients on demand together with other education materials like forex signals, trading tutorials and video instructions.

Personal Consultant

Having adopted the customer-centric approach in the communication with their clients, Kaje Forex manage to deliver Individual and personalized communication, and thus ensuring that investors receive all necessary assistance and information in the way and at the time they need it.

Safe and Easy Trading

Kaje Forex has developed security procedures and technological infrastructure to protect investors funds. Clients can handle safely and smoothly their currency transactions, fund transfers and trading operations all over the world with the same guaranteed standard and quality.

International Brand with Solid Reputation

The transparent institutional structure, excellent customer service and advanced technological system developed and sustained during the years make Kaje Forex preferred by investors around the world. Giving priority to the principles of technology, speed, security and conscious investment Kaje Forex has become a reliable partner and a synonym of profitable investment opportunity.

Quick and Practical Start

Stepping into the market and becoming a trader with Kaje Forex is easy and simple. Applying through the registration form takes some minutes, registration guidelines and phone support are available to guide clients from the very beginning until the end of the process.

ECN Technologies

Kaje Forex employs ECN technologies to provide a transparent trading environment, and enable investors to tarde in the most efficient market conditions without any freeze, delay or price change in their transactions.

Easy One-Clcik Trading

The One-Click Trading Option of the platform enables the investors to run their trading operations smoothly, without interruption and without losing any time. In addition, this new option optimizes the opening and closing of the trading positions in terms of better profit and risk management.

Continuous 24/5 Customer Support

Kaje Forex support team is available 24/5 offering prompt and efficient assistance to the clients through web and phone according to their preferences.

Data Security

Kaje Forex guarantees all proprietary information of investors, their privacy and fund security through the use of strict protocols for secure data transfer and encryption.

Trading through Mobile Devices

The platform and the mobile applications provided by Kaje Forex enable investors to trade online anytime and anywhere they want in a safe and convenient way.

Forex Training Programs

With Kaje Forex online education traders can learn and gain confidence in trading at their own pace and according to their specific needs. Investors receive all necessary education support from Kaje Forex experts to develop the essential skills needed to analyse the technical and economic forex data and apply it in their investment strategies.

Leverage Ratio 1: 400

The clients of Kaje Forex enjoy a high leverage ratio up to 1: 400 which gives them the opportunity to earn a high profit with a low amount of invested funds.