Forex Oil Market

Nowadays, Crude oil is considered to be the backbone of the world economy and the financial markets. It is used as raw material in many industries including transport, energy, cosmetics, chemistry and pharmaceutical sectors. Crude oil, known as “the Black Gold”, is one of the most fundamental factors affecting the countries’ economy. There are many different factors determining the world oil prices. Political and economic developments, availability of oil reserves in different countries, changes in supply and demand, climatic events are just some of them. For all these reasons crude oil has a very large volume of transactions in the global trade. These features also make it one of the most important instruments traded in the Forex market. The forex crude oil market is enlarging day by day because the oil trade made on it is easier and more convenient than in the other markets and the oil prices bring earnings regardless its price is increasing or decreasing. There are two kinds of oil traded on the Forex market: American crude oil and Brent oil. The first one is traded as petroleum, while the latter is traded in the market as Ukoil or Wti. Crude oil reserves, however, are limited, while the demand for it is constantly increasing. That’s why its value is growing too. Although new energy sources are being explored, oil will continue to be considered precious still for a long time.

Why Forex Oil Market

Crude oil is an energy source that will remain important in the near future as it is today. This situation brings many opportunities for the traders in the forex market who can invest large amounts as well as small amounts of funds due to the trading options available on Kaje Forex platform.In the following years to come, the oil demand will increase, the supply will decrease in line with the reserve ratios, and given the deterioration of the world political stability, the price fluctuations of crude will be on the agenda. All these circumstances, however, are in fact seen as opportunities for making great profits, and turn crude oil in one of the most preferred financial instruments in the forex market. The fact that forex trading of crude oil does not require physical storage, transportation and purchase, makes this financial instrument even more attractive on Kaje Forex platform too.

Advantages of Forex Oil Market

"Unlike other markets, you can trade 24/5 in the Forex oil market. Combined with the market analysis and signal provided by Kaje Forex trading analysts it becomes a great opportunity for gaining profits 24 hours 5 days a week;