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Forex Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the most important commodities that influences the global economy and trade because it is one of the most important energy sources on the earth. It is actively used in many areas where the electricity and fuel sectors are in demand. The two richest countries in terms of natural gas production are the USA and Russia. The rest 75% of the natural gas reserves are located in Asia. Political relations, geopolitical, economic and climate changes are the main factors affecting the natural gas price.
Natural gas market is affected also by the prices of substitutes, e.g. the price of crude oil. For this reason, traders who want to invest in natural gas market have to monitor and take into consideration the oil price changes too. Although natural gas and oil are two separate financial instruments, they have to be considered together. Kaje Forex experts analyse all the developments in both natural gas and crude oil markets to inform instantly investors about any changes and help them make informed investment decisions to safeguard their interests and profits.
Although crude oil and gold are in the first place by trading importance, the emerging technologies and natural gas shares in trading gradually increase in the world financial market. While 45% of the total energy consumed in America is supplied by oil, the natural gas accounts for 28% of this energy. Even this data reveals the economic and strategic importance of natural gas on both the US and the world market. Such a significant energy source will undoubtedly have a growing market share. Fluctuations in the natural gas market directly affects many economic sectors and especially the energy sector.

The Importance of Natural Gas in the Market

Natural gas is one of the cleanest energy resources and its consumption comes as the first choice today in the industrial and transportation sectors, commercial enterprises, and the electrical power stations. The use of the natural gas is so widely spread nowadays that it affects the financial situation of individuals on a daily basis. The fact that natural gas reserves are located close to the oil resources increases their extraction and facilitates their transportation to the industrial users, and thus makes their use for industrial purposes greater day by day.

Why Should I Prefer the Forex Natural Gas Market?

Natural gas has gained importance and turned into a profitable financial instrument. Due to price fluctuations it is highly competitive in comparison with the other financial instruments and allows traders to gain significant profits. Additionally, Kaje Forex consultants facilitates investors in the natural gas market with timely market analyses and signals to safeguard their interests and reduce the investment risk. All this combined with the quick and reliable execution of the trade orders, makes natural gas a preferred.