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Among the commodities traded in the forex market, gold and silver are the most important ones. Silver has been used throughout history as money as well as material for precious accessories. Today, besides jewellery and accessories, it is used in many other industries because of its physical properties such as flexibility and conductivity. For all these reasons, silver has become one of the most traded financial instruments after gold in the forex market. Mexico, Peru and Chin are the countries with the biggest production of silver. Decisions that these countries make about silver production growth, silver supply and their economic development in general, on the one hand, and the industrial demand for silver on a global scale on the other hand, are the main factors affecting the prices in the silver market. The fact that silver natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce and silver belongs to the luxury consumption category increases its value. In addition, the use of silver in many industrial sectors, especially in medicine, has made it even a more valuable and demanded raw material and made its price become higher.

The Advantages of Forex Silver Market

Nowadays, the investors who want to trade silver have to make transactions with big spreads. By using the 1:100 leverage ratios in the Forex market and without having to pay big commissions, they can generate profits only by means of fluctuations in silver prices. Investors can perform trades without any need of physical purchase, storage and transportation of physical silver stocks and this is possible due to the CFDs trading which is one of the main and most preferred trading options at Kaje Forex platform.

Due to the intensive use of silver in different areas and its price fluctuations, the trading of silver commodity offers great profit opportunities. With the additional help of the market analysis and data interpretation provided by Kaje Forex trading consultants, the investors are able to make good profits and experience constant improvement of their investment strategies in the forex silver market. Other advantages of investing in forex silver at Kaje Forex are as following:

– You do not need to buy, store and possess the physical asset and can make your investments from anywhere in the world 24/5.

– You can rely on the market report and analysis of Kaje Forex experts and make the right investment decisions.

– Due to the CFDs trading option provided by Kaje Forex you can earn money not only when the silver prices are increasing but also when they are decreasing.

-With our leverage ratio of 1:100, you can investment small amount of money and earn up to 100 times more than it.

– Thanks to Kaje Forex individual training programs, you can get to know the silver market very closely and gain substantial of the market trade details in a very short time.

– Kaje Forex Demo Account will help you gain the necessary trading experience in the silver forex market by making investments in real market conditions but with the use of virtual money at 0 cost and no risk.