Metatrader 4 – Forex Traders’ Choice

At the forefront of the most curious topics for investors trading on the Forex market is the availability of the security measures and a reliable trading platform. At Kaje Forex we offer Meta Trader 4, a trading platform that produces solutions with appropriate approaches to all of our investors with varioius levels of experience. it is the largest and an award-winning forex trading platform in use, ensuring your investments. The Meta Trader 4 platform, well-known by Kaje Forex investors, has a level to make every transaction in your forex investments easier.

Why Meta Trader 4 Trading Platform?

With Meta Trader 4, which is the world’s most widely used Forex trading platform and the top trading platform in terms of security, you will be able to comfortably manage all of your investments . Meta Trader 4 is suitable for all kinds of users, from beginners to professionals ,as a simplifier for analysis and guiding tool in decision making process.

Easy and Flexible to Use

The flexible interface and built-in shortcut assignment features of Meta Trader 4 makes it very functional to create ordinances, reorder, and determine profit and loss points.

Compatible Interface Option

All of our users who invest in the Forex market can customize their investment according to their habits and types of investment, so our users are able to operate on a software that completely answers their needs.

Technical Analysis and Editing Tools

Drawing tools and technical details for analysing the charts offer you the ability to easily mark and locate transactions. . The positions and markings you select on the charts can be saved and you can get backwards data with one click in the future.

Displaying the Transaction History

Regardless of the assets on the Forex market, you can view your past transactions in the form of a report with in seconds, or you can export it in another application. The areas you report are arranged in the most efficient way for your needs Either as a detailed report or a basic report.

Access to Different Accounts

You may have multiple trading accounts on the Forex market. With Meta Trader 4 Platform you can easily access all of your accounts from one screen, whichwill save you time It also takes very little time to switch between accounts and trading reports are taken immediately.

Information Service Privilege

The MetaTrader 4 platform provides you with access to all the analytical tools, news and newsletters instantly through the communication, announcement, news and warning systems.For Meta Trader 4 and all other forex applications, you can get support and assistance from Kaje Forex account managers