Meta Trader 4 – Forex Traders’ First Choice

One of the biggest concerns of the investors trading on the Forex market is the availability of security measures and a reliable trading platform. For this reason and to protect clients’ investments, Kaje Forex has implemented Meta Trader 4 as a trading system. It’s an award-winning trading platform providing advanced technical solutions to all investors regardless their level of trading experience and knowledge.

Why Meta Trader 4 Trading Platform?

Meta Trader 4 is the world’s most widely used trading platform because it is secure and offers reliable investment management tools. Meta Trader 4 is suitable for all kinds of users, from beginners to professionals, and simplifies the trading and strategy making process through variety of analytical and MarketWatch tools.

Easy and Flexible to Use

The flexible interface and built-in shortcut assignment features of Meta Trader 4 make it easy to create and place orders, re-order and determine profit and loss points.

Compatible Interface Option

Traders can customize their investment according to their preferences and desired financial instruments and operate with a software interface completely tailored to their needs.

Technical Analysis and Editing Tools

Drawing and technical tools for analysing the charts are available to facilitate marking and locating transactions. The positions and markings selected on the charts can be saved and historical data can be retrieved just with one click.

Displaying the Transaction History

Regardless of the assets on the Forex market, you can view your past transactions in the form of reports (detailed or basic) within seconds, which can be even exported to another application too.

Access to Different Accounts

You may have multiple trading accounts on Meta Trader 4 Platform with an easy access to all of them from one screen, and the possibility to switch quickly among them and the different trading reports.

Information Service Privilege

The users of Meta Trader 4 platform have a privileged access to all analytical tools, market researches and news through the communication in-built panel and signal system. The operations on Meta Trader 4 and all related forex applications are ensured by continues and effective support provided by Kaje Forex account managers and trading consultants.