Meta Trader 4 Mobile

Custom-designed Meta Trader 4 For Android and IOS

Kaje Meta Trader 4 trading platform is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Meta Trader 4 Android and Meta Trader 4 iOS are two magnificent applications especially created to enable safe and fast transactions for all mobile users. They give access to all fast, uninterrupted and functional operations, technical and analytical tools that you would need for your trading in the Forex market.

- Functional Home Page

With a single click you can make open, close and change positions, monitor your favourite financial instruments, and instantly check the fund balance status of your account. You will also have access to the latest economic news in a sequential way.

- Instant Access to All Financial Instruments

The access to all financial instruments classified in groups is very easy thanks to the tabs on the main page. Majors, minors, energies, metals and many more financial instruments can be easily reached under these groups and opened with the click of a button. You can access and select your favourite instruments any time and regardless of the page you are on.

- Position Control

It is as simple to add take-profit and stop-loss points to open positions, as it is to open and close positions in the Forex market. In this way, your trades are always assured.

- Pending Orders

With our Meta Trader 4 Mobile application, you can view and process all your pending order types in the market as well as monitor or cancel them.

- Over 30 Technical Indicators

Meta Trader 4 Mobile provides you with the most accurate and efficient way to execute your Forex trading strategies. With this application, you can display more than 30 indicators on the main chart displays, and you can integrate them in other graphics. It is also very easy to reach different indicators in the same window.

- Access to Price Charts

Thanks to the simple price graphs you can use and read on all financial instruments, and trade by closely following the market changes. By selecting the most appropriate graphical structures for your strategy, you can get the right outlook at your service.

- Access to Instant News

Kaje Forex market analysts process market news and to provide instant analyses and forex alerts to the trader directly in their mobile application. All the data is delivered in concise and practical reports easy to ready and access from every mobile device. This service has become essential for most traders as it gives them the crucial live guidance in following the important market events and considering them when shaping their trading strategy.