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The demo account could be useful and free opportunity to see how the market looks like.

Although it is very hard to simulate real trading experience, it gives the chance to try out the platform and test new strategies once you want.

As a beginner trader, you can practice how to operate with the platform and how to place your first demo trades.

In general, you can:

– See the real market prices of 40+ instruments including: Currency pairs, Commodities and Indices;

– See how the price moves in different situations;

– Learn all the features of the trading platform;

– Understand how the technical analysis works.

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Forex Demo Account

If you want to step and invest in the Forex market, but the lack of sufficient information and experience stops you, Kaje Forex Demo account is the right solution to your problem. It gives you the chance to test the market conditions without taking any risk, gain experience and become familiar with the financial instruments by means of the virtual money you find deposited there. The demo account is completely free and is provided in the form of simple one-to-one education. The only difference between Forex demo account and Real account at Kaje Forex is that it allows trading with virtual money. All other features like market prices, data analyses and trading conditions are the same and standard.

What are the Advantages of Kaje Forex Demo Account?

- You are given the opportunity to trade in an environment with real market conditions but at zero risk and with virtual money;

- Kaje Forex Demo account is free and no commission payment is required for its opening just like the transactions you do in it;;

- You can learn about the market from A to Z and lay sound foundations for conscious and safe investment without taking any risk in the most liquid finance market;

- Our Forex expert team provides uninterrupted user assistance with special investor consultants appointed specially to help you 24/5. We answer your questions in online chat room, on the phone, and so that we can go through all the critical phases of your trading experience together.

- You can improve your analysis capability and also experience the main concepts of the market in an easy and 0-risk way;

-You will have the chance to try all mobile and desktop applications provided by Kaje Forex and enjoy the privilege of discovering all program and tool features in a quick and convenient way;

Uninterrupted Customer Assistance 24/5

Forex market operates between Sunday 24:00 and Friday 24:00. You can receive support from our team regardless of the time zone. Forex market never sleeps and we always stand by you to help you.

How can I Create a Demo Account?

The only thing you have to do is to contact us and our experts will explain you all the steps from creating the account to the successful way of trading.

How can I trade in Forex market? How can I gain profit while commodity prices are decreasing? The answer of such questions and many other is revealed in Kaje Forex Demo account. You can find the answers to all your questions by contacting us.